Services: Feng Shui Consultations & More


Feng Shui Consultation

I will evaluate the interior and exterior of your home or office and apply feng shui principles, provide tips, incorporate numerology concepts and design to create balance and a pleasing visual aesthetic to your space.

Interior Decorating

I will help you achieve the style of decor that you are looking for and apply it to one or every room in your home or office. Interior decorating principles are combined with a feng shui consultation to create the perfect space.


E-consultations are done online and can be utilized by those outside of Maui, Hawaii or for those who prefer to do an online consultation instead. I will provide you with feng shui tips and suggest a style of decor that suits both your space and your liking.

Home Buying Assistance

Home buying assistance uses feng shui principles and numerology concepts to determine the home that is best for you, prior to renting or buying your new home.